Cloud Central, Inc. has been pioneer in implementing enterprise applications for our customers in a variety of industries. We are recognized for our ability to provide solutions in all major pillars of Oracle Cloud applications viz. ERP, SCM, HCM, Taleo and Planning and Budgeting Cloud (PBCS). We have demonstrated our expertise in other cloud technologies such as PaaS, BI Cloud Service (BICS) and Integration Cloud Service (ICS) using proprietary rapid implementation methodology.

We take pride in the quality of work delivered by our consultants. Our expertise with enterprise applications is well recognized – most of our consultants are Oracle Cloud certified.

Our team has over 20 years of experience working with enterprise applications and we will gladly use our on-premise and cloud expertise to create a strategy for transitioning your business to the cloud.

Our Services


HubSpot provides a range of service content to help businesses succeed. In Marketing Hub, automate tasks, manage email campaigns, social media, SEO, lead generation, and analyze performance. Sales Hub streamlines contact and lead management, automates sales tasks, tracks deals, and provides analytics. Service Hub offers ticketing, knowledge base, live chat, feedback collection, and reporting. CMS Hub enables easy website management, themes, templates, SEO, personalization, and analytics.

Operations Hub facilitates data syncing, custom objects, workflow automation, data quality, and reporting. With these tools, HubSpot empowers businesses with comprehensive solutions for marketing, sales, customer service, content management, and operations.

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NetSuite is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform that helps businesses manage and streamline their key operations. It offers a wide range of integrated applications that cover financial management, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management, e-commerce, and more. The CRM functionality of NetSuite empowers businesses to effectively manage their customer relationships, track sales leads, opportunities, and marketing campaigns. NetSuite’s inventory and supply chain management capabilities help businesses optimize inventory levels, track stock movements, and streamline supply chain processes. This module provides real-time visibility into inventory status, enabling businesses to efficiently manage their stock and fulfill customer orders.

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A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is essential for businesses looking to build strong customer relationships and drive growth. With a CRM, you can manage contacts, track interactions, and gain valuable insights into your customer base. Capture and organize customer data, such as communication history, preferences, and purchase behavior. Streamline sales processes, track leads, and manage deals efficiently. Utilize automation to nurture leads, send personalized communications, and streamline workflows. CRM systems offer robust reporting and analytics, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimize strategies. Enhance customer satisfaction, improve sales performance, and foster long-term customer loyalty with a powerful CRM solution.

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Mobile app

Mobile app services offer businesses the opportunity to tap into the ever-growing mobile market and engage with their customers on-the-go. With a custom mobile app, you can enhance brand visibility, boost customer loyalty, and drive revenue. Deliver a seamless user experience with intuitive interfaces and personalized features. Leverage push notifications to keep users informed and engaged. Utilize in-app analytics to gain insights into user behavior and optimize app performance. Secure payment gateways enable convenient mobile transactions. Mobile apps empower businesses to reach a wider audience, provide value-added services, and establish a strong mobile presence in today’s digital landscape.

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Marketo offers a wide range of service content to help businesses drive marketing success. With Marketo, you can automate marketing campaigns, nurture leads, and personalize customer experiences. Create and manage email campaigns, landing pages, and forms to capture valuable data. Utilize advanced analytics and reporting to gain insights into campaign performance and optimize strategies. Marketo’s lead management tools enable efficient lead scoring, routing, and tracking, ensuring sales teams receive high-quality leads. Additionally, Marketo provides seamless integration with CRM systems and other marketing tools to streamline workflows. Elevate your marketing efforts with Marketo’s powerful features for campaign automation, lead management, analytics, and integration capabilities.

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SaaS (Software as a Service) providers offer a wide range of services to businesses, delivering software applications and solutions through the cloud. With SaaS, businesses can access and use software without the need for installation or maintenance. Benefit from flexible subscription models, scalability, and automatic updates. SaaS solutions cover various areas, including customer relationship management (CRM), project management, human resources, finance, and more. joy easy collaboration, data security, and seamless integrations with other tools. SaaS providers focus on delivering reliable, user-friendly software that enhances productivity and efficiency, allowing businesses to focus on their core objectives without worrying about software infrastructure.

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Pardot, a leading marketing automation platform, offers a comprehensive suite of services to supercharge your marketing efforts. Automate repetitive tasks and nurture leads with personalized email campaigns and dynamic landing pages. Capture and track valuable prospect data with forms and progressive profiling. Utilize advanced lead scoring and grading to identify high-quality leads for sales. Gain valuable insights through detailed analytics and reporting to measure campaign effectiveness and make data-driven decisions. Pardot seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, enabling streamlined sales and marketing alignment. Elevate your marketing strategy with Pardot’s powerful features for marketing automation, lead nurturing, lead scoring, analytics, and Salesforce integration.

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Analytics services offer businesses valuable insights and actionable intelligence derived from data. With advanced analytics, you can uncover patterns, trends, and correlations, enabling data-driven decision-making. Gain a deep understanding of customer behavior, market trends, and operational efficiency. Analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of marketing campaigns, sales efforts, and overall business performance. Visualize data through interactive dashboards and reports for easy interpretation and communication. Predictive analytics enables forecasting and identification of future opportunities. With analytics services, businesses can optimize strategies, improve operational efficiency, and drive growth by leveraging the power of data-driven insights.

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Oracle ERP Cloud

We are one of the select Oracle ERP service providers who have delivered cloud implementations to clients of varying size and complexity. We rolled out Oracle ERP Cloud to increase business agility, aid insightful decision-making, leading to greater productivity and lowered costs. At Cloud Central, Inc., we understand the modern business platform needs and we rollout solutions that help businesses to respond quickly in the highly competitive marketplace.

Our ERP solutions landscape covers Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, Record to Report, Demand to Build business flows encompassing the Procurement, Order Management, Manufacturing, Project Portfolio Management (PPM Cloud) and Financial modules.

We strive to exceed industry standards with the use of our best practices. Our cloud solutions will help your business to be more responsive and flexible to ever changing business demands. We help you save time and cost through increased productivity and efficiency, where you can focus on helping your organization to scale..

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Business Intelligence Cloud Service

We empower our customers to optimize their opportunities in Oracle Business Intelligence applications, Oracle ERP and CRM Analytics, and Oracle BI Publisher. The Oracle Business Intelligence platform provides a complete array of capacities, including ad hoc queries, interactive dashboards, notifications and alarms, financial and enterprise reporting scorecards, strategy, and much more.

Cloud Central, Inc. has unparalleled expertise in aiding organizations to implement BI solutions across an extensive variety of industries. Our consultants comprehend BI reporting challenges, as well as platform capabilities, Oracle Business Intelligence tools, methodologies and best practices. Such end-to-end capabilities help us develop BI solutions which work for your organization. These best practices assist you get more from the BI technology while lowering risk and enhancing adoption and functionality.

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Managed Services

Cloud Central, Inc. provides a flexible offering of managed services to sustain your investments in Oracle technologies. The Cloud Central Managed Services team will help your users with day-to-day operational issues, monthly patch validations, minor enhancements and periodic upgrade planning & uptake. You can pick from a variety of service plans that are flexible to meet your budgets and unique company requirements with a suitable combination of on site and/or offshore resources.

Oracle HCM Cloud And Taleo

With HCM Cloud and Taleo implementations, we can show you how to get innovation faster based on our experience with HCM technology. With our unique HCM implementation methodology, organizations have the ability to track and manage your recruiting, talent, benefits, compensation management processes. We help companies forecast future workforce needs. We enable technology integration with multiple platforms and necessary business process modification to support the real business needs.

Oracle PBCS

Oracle Planning Budgeting Cloud Service provides greater efficiency for business organizers, analysts, modelers and decision makers across all lines of organization of an enterprise. Most organizations realize immediate value from these implementations. Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service provides an intuitive Internet 2.0 and MS Office interface for driver established modelling, rolling predictions and direction reporting for time very sensitive and target oriented planning tasks. It is
possible to create and share on the fly models and validate them against advanced statistical predictive abilities, thereby creating unbiased, precise, and strategies that are agile.
Cloud Central, Inc. is a leading Oracle Gold partner consulting business with substantial expertise in the implementing PBCS applications. Cloud Central, Inc. delivers the expertise required to design and implement scalable, complex enterprise planning solutions that automate your planning process using industry best practices.

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